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Be Prepared for Harvest 2023.

 Select GSI Dryers Available Now 


One never knows if September is going to be dry or wet.

Eliminate the variable. Protect your investment.

 Choose Dependability. Choose GSI

Talk to Adam at 780-360-2900

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Welcome Adam!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Adam Olson to the WG Team!

Adam is a veteran dryer specialist who recently moved to Alberta. His dedication to providing both the right equipment for any application and a robust working knowledge of what he sells means real confidence for clients choosing to partner with WG.

Whether it's GSI Dryers, Augers or Air Systems, Adam would be pleased to talk to you about your potential needs. In combination with the our handling expertise and a partnership with EastCountry Electric, we are certain that we can deliver the drying and handling solutions you might be looking for.

You can reach Adam directly at 780-360-2900 and


Thank you Red Deer!


We will see you next year at the show!

Stay tuned for upcoming events and ag shows. 


Maybe conditions will be ideal, but

Maybe you'll need to dry every single bushel.

Be positioned for success with GSI Equipment.

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Discover the


We understand Farmers

We understand Commercial Grain Operations

You've come to the right place for grain and material handling.

No two farms are the same, and every agribusiness is unique.

We take pride in creating the right solutions for your needs.

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