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Portable Dryers

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How would I benefit from a GSI Dryer?

Your crop is more than a valuable investment – it may be your livelihood. You can't afford to be harvesting bad grain in the spring.

 Don't let an early winter wreck your bottom line. 

With the right GSI conditioning, you can often start your harvest early and deliver a higher grade product to market. It's a no-brainer.

Get a GSI Portable Dryer working at the center of your operation.

Why choose Western General for a dryer?

The             Difference

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1. Complete Commissioning

We want to ensure that your GSI Dryer starts up right the first time you try.

In fact, we'll start it up for you – only after we perform a proper installation, electrical inspection, and any integration with GSI Material Handling or other equipment.

A GSI Dryer is a big investment, and it pays to do it right. When you partner with Western General, we'll take care of you.

2. Reliable Service & Parts

GSI Dryers are built to last, and we're proud to stand behind the product. Like any other piece of equipment, some parts will need to be replaced over the next few years. We have those parts in stock.

You're also going to need someone who's confident in making the repairs. We have the staff and trusted technicians to keep you up and running for the long haul.

3. Watchdog Monitoring Support

GSI Watchdog is a phenomenal tool that allows you to remotely monitor your dryer and adjust settings. It also sends critical notifications to your phone or tablet.

Having a fully-functioning LTE or network connection is essential. Our in-house team is able to install effective solutions, and to help correct connectivity issues you might have along the way.

Western General is pleased to promote EastCountry Electric. Founded by Dustin Krzywy, ECE is an established, knowledgable vendor for comprehensive electrical and dryer work, custom control panels, and more. Visit East Country Electric's website here.

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Where can I find more information about GSI products?


For full information on GSI Dryers and all GSI Products, visit their website.

What else should I consider?

There are a lot of customization options for a GSI Dryer, but the main things to consider are:

  • 240V, 480V, or 575V Electrical

  • Single or Triple Phase Power

  • Natural Gas or Propane

  • 0.055" Perforation for Canola Drying

  • GSI Quiet Dryers

  • GSI Watchdog Monitoring

  • GSI X-Stream Technology

  • Static Moisture Sampling

  • Motor Size for Load & Unload Augers

There's more to Material Handling than a Dryer. Dare to dream big!​ Western General offers the whole package:

  • GSI Corrugated Bins

  • GSI Bucket Elevators

  • GSI Hi-Flight & En-Masse Conveyors

  • GSI Air Distribution Systems

  • GSI Versaloop Systems

  • GSI & Schlagel Distributors
  • Consultation & Design

  • Complete System Installation

  • Concrete Forming and Pouring

  • Piles – Concrete & Screw-Type

  • Steel Building Contracting

  • Electrical Contracting

Shoot us a message. We can go to work for you today, and we're happy to help plan for the future of your farm operation.

Thanks! Message sent.

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