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About Us

Formed in 1981, Western General Ltd. is a grain-handling construction firm that provides effective solutions for commercial clients and farmers in Western Canada. As owner and operator for 42 years, Greg Christenson continues to provide onsite project management and a wealth of experience. Operating with anywhere from 6 to 60 employees, Western General Ltd. prides itself in being able to scale to the requirements of any given project while maintaining a lower overhead. Western General Ltd. is passionate about working with clients during design and installation to ensure excellence in all aspects of its projects.

Serving Commercial Ag Operations

For over 20 years, Western General Ltd. has been designing and installing multi-million dollar operations that are user-friendly and operationally cost-efficient. We balance technology and practicality to create tailored solutions that work for your company. Click below to learn about previous projects:

Safety Record

Most companies take steps to ensure their work environments are safe and healthy for employees. A core factor that keeps Western General workers out of harms way goes beyond a safety program and industry-best practices. It comes down to people being a real team – there is no substitute for having one others' backs. We hire people that take care of one another, and that's a big reason that Western General has no WCB work stoppages in over 16 years.

It's hard to beat that record.

For more information about Western General Ltd's Health and Safety Program, please contact us.

Serving Farmers

Greg Christenson comes from a family of farmers and started out in business simply building bins for local farmers. Although the face of farming has changed dramatically in the past 40 years, a couple things haven't. If you're a farmer, you still have to do what works for you, not the guy down the road. Whether incorporating a GSI dryer into your setup or adding grain handling, we promise to walk with you in adapting to modern farming practices.

Our Values
Trust • Excellence • Commitment

Legal contracts are often a cheap substitute for knowing you can trust the people you are working with. The entire team at Western General strives to establish trust with clients on a daily basis in all aspects of communication, design, installation, and service. 

We also believe in completing all projects with excellence, often beyond client expectations or contractual obligations. Sometimes that happens at a great deal of cost to us, and we're okay with that – if it means we keep earning your business. It's simple, if we remain committed to you, you'll feel comfortable placing your next project in our hands.

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