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GSI Handling & Storage

The right grain handling equipment and storage can radically increase your efficiency. GSI and our other partners offer incredible value and durability in products made for the rigors of prairie life. Listed are some of the most common tools Western General offers, but we are able to incorporate just about anything requested into your grain handling system design.

Bucket Elevators.png

GSI Bucket Elevators

Even for moderately sized systems, Western General often uses two bucket elevators in a system design to keep the flow of product optimal.

GSI bucket elevators are designed to perform day after day, whether you are loading out daily from your facility or pushing through harvest. A reliable GSI bucket elevator gives you maximum throughput and less grain damage, ensuring your operation is efficient. With an array of sizes, finishes and options each bucket elevator is designed to meet your specific needs.

Capacity: 1,500 – 60,000 bph • Pulley Sizes: 16", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48”

GSI En-Masse Conveyors

Moving grain En-Masse is the most efficient (HP/Bushel) way to move grain horizontally in most applications that have multiple inlets and/or multiple discharges. With En-Masse, grain damage and maintenance costs are lower than conveying with augers or air systems. En-Masse Conveyors are built tough for the daily demands of commercial grain operations. They are rugged, heavy duty machines that have your operation in mind through the design process. 

Capacity: 1,500 – 60,000 bph • Max Horizontal Length: 300 ft

En-Masse GSI.jpg
Hi-Flight GSI.png

GSI Hi-Flight Conveyors

Hi-Flight conveyors enable you to convey at steeper angles than with a standard En-Masse style conveyor. The Hi-Flight is most commonly used when receiving grain. Hi-Flight conveyors allow you to put your leg boot at grade by utilizing a 15⁰, 30⁰, 45⁰ or 60⁰ bend. GSI’s Hi-Flight conveyors are heavy-duty built, corrosion resistant, and designed to ease maintenance needs. Western General has found the extended bend capability of Hi-Flight conveyors to be practical for dryer loading from wet bins via a bucket elevator, and we deploy them accordingly.

Capacity: 2,000 – 36,000 bph • Box Sizes: 12”, 14”, 20”, 27”, 39” Tall

GSI VersaLoop System

The GSI VersaLoop™ round tube chain conveyor will change the way you move grain. VersaLoop can be used in multiple applications in your systems making grain movement easier than ever and to minimize your maintenance needs. Western General has installed the VersaLoop in configurations longer than 350 ft with great results. The infrastructure for a VersaLoop atop your bins is also considerably less than a conveyor.

Capacity: 4,000 – 10,000 bph • Max Horizontal Length: 325 ft+

Versaloop Badry Crop.png
Blower Bentley.png

GSI Air Transfer System (Blower)

GSI Air Systems are one of the most cost-effective ways to transfer grain from your dryer to multiple storage bins. With the acquisition of DMC, GSI began offering air systems in 1997. These systems move your grain through tubes using air, minimizing damage while maximizing efficiency and convenience. With an air system, you can change and maintain bins from the ground, avoiding air servicing. Here you can easily find the air system that will integrate seamlessly with your GSI dryer or expand your system just by laying more tube.

Capacity: 200 – 2,500 bph • Length: 50 – 500 ft • Tube Diameter: 4 – 6"

Western General also offers GSI Distributors, Schlagel Distributors (Minnesota), and is proud to offer transitions and spouting from Nolin Milling Inc. (Iowa). WG also enjoys a great relationship with Meridian Manufacturing to provide both commercial smooth wall bins and custom components. Please contact us for information on products of interest that are not listed above.

Why choose WG for grain handling and storage?

The              Difference

Logo WG White 2400.png

1. Attention to Detail


When you choose Western General to install your GSI handling and storage equipment, we pour over the details to make sure your system components are well-matched. It's not enough to just pick a few bins, a bucket elevator and a conveyor. We've found it critical to think in three dimensions and have confidence that everything is going to work together. Western General provides a basic drawing in most cases to help customers understand what the complete project will look like, and we also deploy powerful 3D tools for larger projects.

Schultz Construction_1.3.1.png

2. Complete Installation


If you're the do-it-yourself type, we're happy to sell you the equipment to make things happen. But, we believe that 42 years of experience in construction and installation allows us to offer the best service available. Our core field team has worked together for several years, and the results show time and time again. Western General is pleased to offer any installation services you might require including certified engineering, concrete, piles, bin-erecting, steel buildings, custom towers and catwalks, and full commissioning of your system.

The bottom line: Trust WG to do it right.

3. Reliable Service & Parts


GSI has earned a great reputation for creating durable products, and Western General is proud to offer GSI handling and storage equipment. But, when that equipment is in operation for 10, 15 or 20 years, it's going to need servicing and replacement parts. You can rely on WG to keep things going in optimal shape for the duration of your equipment's life cycle.

Handling Parts & Service Small.png
John Badry Testimonial_1.4.1.png

"Western General was excellent to work with. The guys were great, and they got it done on time."

– John Badry • Forestburg, AB

Where can I find more information about GSI products?


For full information on GSI Handling, Storage and other GSI Products, visit their website.

Shoot us a message. We can go to work for you today, and we're happy to help plan for the future of your farm operation.

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